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Skylux has manufactured skylights for more than 45 years and we now offer an extensive range of products. We are the supplier of choice if you need a long-lasting skylight with a slick, high quality design and first-rate insulation properties. Did you know that the more shells a skylight has, the more it insulates? Calculate here the insulation value of your project of skylights. Your first step is to choose the type of skylight you need for your project – glass, hybrid or plastic.   
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Curbs: Pvc curbs

Robust yet lightweight, PVC curbs are versatile and can be used anywhere on a roof. With a sleek aesthetic finish, they insulate well, are easy to maintain and are fully recyclable. Every type of roof membrane is easily combined with Skylux PVC curbs. PVC curbs are heat resistant - the special insulating chamber keeps the curb intact while the roof covering is installed. The PVC curb is simple to install and offers a perfectly smooth finish on the inside.

Skylux PVC 20/00 EP & 20/00 EP-s curbs
  • Stackable
  • Optimum insulation
  • Light in weight
Skylux PVC 16/20 EP curb
  • 9-walled with inner chamber structure
  • Exceptionally strong and super-insulated: U-value 0,92 W/m²K
  • CE certificate in combination with a Skylux skylight
Skylux PVC 16/00 curb
  • 4-walled, U-value: 1,00 W/m²K
  • Used as raised curb, refurbishment or new curb
  • Impact resistant
Skylux PVC 30/20 curb
  • 5-walled and highly insulated: U-value 1,00 W/m²K
  • Several opening systems can be mounted on/in the curb
  • Possibility to fix brackets and hinges
Skylux PVC 35/30 curb
  • 8-walled and highly insulated: U-value 0,89 W/m²K
  • Height of 350mm
  • Ideal solution for a refurbishment
Skylux PVC curb with ventilation grid
  • Super insulating
  • Adjustable ventilation grid
  • Easy installation

Curbs: Polyester curbs

Polyester curbs are very strong thanks to their composite design. The combination of resins, glass fibre and insulation ensures a stable and effective insulating unit. These curbs are solid, retain their form, and are rigid enough to enable installation of several kinds of mechanisms.  

German model
  • Double layered and insulated
  • Can be combined with different types of roof membranes
  • Different types
Round model
  • Used for round skylights
  • Double-walled and insulated
  • Can be combined with different types of roof membrane
Benelux model
  • Robust composite design
  • Very well insulating
  • Can be combined with many types of roof membranes
Special types
  • Polyester curbs for specific use
  • Very well insulating
  • Combines aesthetic appeal and superior function

Curbs: Metal curbs

Metal curbs are firm, non-flammable and suitable for industrial applications. The size of the roof opening and daylight styles is the same. The square and rectangular metal curbs are provided with insulation. The round metal curbs are not insulated. Metal curbs can be combined with all types of openable frames.

Skylux metal curb
  • Made of galvanised steel
  • The square and rectangular curbs are insulated; round curbs are not
  • Scope to fix brackets and hinges

Curbs: Daylight cylinders

A daylight cylinder provides a proper finish between your inner ceiling and the curb. There are round daylight curbs in PVC or polyester, as well as square and rectangular ones in PVC. Using a daylight cylinder ensures a better ceiling finish after installation.

Skylux PVC- or polyester (GRP) daylight cylinder
  • PVC or GRP cylinder
  • Can be used in a round polyester or metal curb
  • Equipped with a bottom flange for a better ceiling finish

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