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Skylux has manufactured skylights for more than 45 years and we now offer an extensive range of products. We are the supplier of choice if you need a long-lasting skylight with a slick, high quality design and first-rate insulation properties. Did you know that the more shells a skylight has, the more it insulates? Calculate here the insulation value of your project of skylights. Your first step is to choose the type of skylight you need for your project – glass, hybrid or plastic.   
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Skymax CE
  • Designed for stairways
  • Safety: opens automatically at a temperature of 70°C
  • Meets the EN 12101-2 standard
Skycom Skymax CE control unit
  • Compact box
  • Maximum security, permanent check-up of the batteries and cables
  • CE-certificate
Priority switch
  • Developed for the Skycom CE control units
Skylux 160° CE electric
Skylux 160° CE electric
  • Used for SHE in industry or stairways
  • Large sizes available, so small number of systems
  • Meets the European standard EN 12.101-2
Skycom CE Slave
  • Extension control unit to combine with a Skycom CE Master control unit
  • Maximum exit current 24V/8A
  • Meets the standard EN 12.101.9 and EN 12.101-10
Skycom CE Master
  • Operates the smoke and heat extraction system electrically
  • Power capacity to operate independently for 72h
  • 24V control unit
Ventilation push button
  • Ventilate the room with one click.
Wind and rain detection
  • Automatic closing of the skylight
  • Takes fire detection into account
Fire push button
  • Fire exercise possible on opening the frame
Smoke detector
  • Signals the alarm in the event of fire or smoke
Temperature detection
  • Opens the skylight automatically in the event of high temperatures
Skylux 160° CE PN (pneumatic)
  • Delivered as one pre-mounted assembly
  • Meets the European standard EN12.101-2 and NBN S21-208-1 & 3
  • Completely fail-safe

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