Barrel vaults

Especially in industrial buildings natural daylight enters via our Cintralux barrel vaults. We offer aluminium vaults with plastic sheet glazing or GRP vaults.

Download our price list of GRP barrel vaults here.

Cintramax for barrel vaults
  • Opens the barrel vault using two galvanised scissor mechanisms
  • CE label for smoke and heat extraction EN12.101-2 and NBN S21-208-1 & 3
  • Also suitable for daily ventilation
Skycom CE Master
  • Operates the smoke and heat extraction system electrically
  • Power capacity to operate independently for 72h
  • 24V control unit
Skycom CE Slave
  • Extension control unit to combine with a Skycom CE Master control unit
  • Maximum exit current 24V/8A
  • Meets the standard EN 12.101.9 and EN 12.101-10
Priority switch
  • Developed for the Skycom CE control units
Wind and rain detection
  • Automatic closing of the skylight
  • Takes fire detection into account
Temperature detection
  • Opens the skylight automatically in the event of high temperatures
Ventilation push button
  • Ventilate the room with one click.
Smoke detector
  • Signals the alarm in the event of fire or smoke
Fire push button
  • Fire exercise possible on opening the frame

Download our brochure

Download our brochure here

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