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Dome products

Skylux has manufactured skylights for more than 45 years and we now offer an extensive range of products. We are the supplier of choice if you need a long-lasting skylight with a slick, high quality design and first-rate insulation properties. Did you know that the more shells a skylight has, the more it insulates? Calculate here the insulation value of your project of skylights. Your first step is to choose the type of skylight you need for your project – glass, hybrid or plastic


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Smoke and heat extraction

In case of fire, it’s not always the fire itself which causes most danger. Especially when extreme temperatures are reached, it’s the toxic gases that endanger people and cause damage. We developed different SHE systems to extract heat and smoke through the roof, which enables a safe, quick evacuation of the building.


Do you want to provide fresh air in a room or expel warm air? There are various ways to do this.

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