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  • What is the difference between acrylic and polycarbonate?

    Acrylic has unsurpassed light transmission and is naturally resistant to UV light. Compared to glass of the same thickness, acrylic is 10 times stronger. Plexiglas® is a well-known registered trademark for acrylic products.

    Polycarbonate combines excellent light transmission with very high impact strength. Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass of the same thickness. Polycarbonate is made UV resistant during the production process.

  • When should you go for Heatstop?

    Heatstop is a high-tech product which selectively resists the infrared radiation component of sunlight, which is responsible for heating. You would therefore use Heatstop when you want to keep heat outside.

  • What is the difference between ‘daylight opening’ and ‘roof opening’?

    ’Daylight opening’ describes domes that admit light. A ’roof opening’ dome provides an  aperture in the roof.
    With vertical roof curbs, ‘daylight opening’ and ‘roof opening’ are the same. With angled curbs, these types are different.

  • Is the formation of condensation between the dome shells normal?

    Condensation is a natural phenomenon which occurs when there is a large difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. Condensation is also fairly common in damp rooms, such as bathrooms. It is therefore advisable to install a ventilating skylight in a damp environment.

    Condensation in the skylight does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with the skylight. Skylights are made from plastic which is permeable to water vapour. As a result, water vapour can penetrate between the skylight shells and condense when it cools down. The condensation will disappear when the outdoor temperature rises.

  • How should I maintain my skylight?

    Maintenance is easy: clean the skylight with lukewarm water and a cloth. Never use soap or detergent.
    Avoid scratching while cleaning.

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