skylux - Kiepdakraam Rustiek SKY20

Tilt roof window Rustic SKY20

Kiepdakraam Rustiek SKY20

the classic roof window

With the tilt roof window SKY20, you choose for a roof window with  an authentic look and a vertical glass division in the middle.
Other features are:
- The model is finished with solid oak – ideal if you are looking to achieve a traditional look.
- It incorporates an attractive handle at the top of the window.
- The window is designed to be highly durable thanks to our damp-proof and mould-resistant treatments – these will protect against blue stain fungus, wood decay and insect damage. The unit is finished with a two-step varnish. 

Additionally, our roof windows are available in all standard sizes. Replacing your old windows will be a breeze.
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Discover here how to mount the roof window

  • A high quality design
  • Authentic look
  • Attractive handle at the top of the window
  • Finished with solid oak
  • Vertical glass division in the middle
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