skylux - Een rijke geschiedenis

A rich history


The first generation: Grandfather Albert sees the light.

In 1954, Grandfather Albert Glorieux started a glass and mirror wholesale business in the Belgian town of Kuurne. Albert had a nose for business and saw the potential of plastics. In 1961 he produced the first corrugated sheets under the name Glovo Plastiek. Seven years later, he started making polyester barrel vaults. In 1971, the first skylights saw the light of day.

Alpiri: Albert, Pierre and Rik

Together with his sons Pierre and Rik, Albert founded Alpiri Plastics to produce polyester roof curbs for the skylights. A few years later, it was renamed AG Plastics. As you probably guessed, ‘AG’ stands for ‘Albert Glorieux’. The business grew and in 1981 it relocated to nearby Stasegem.

A.G. Plastics Geschiedenis - Magazijn en vrachtwagens

The second generation: Rik expands the horizon

For AG Plastics, 1982 was literally a black year: a fierce fire destroyed the entire skylight production facility. For two years, production was temporarily housed in a nearby building. In 1983 Albert retired and his sons took over his two companies. Pierre carried on the glass business and Rik took charge of AG Plastics.

Brand bij A.G. Plastics

Under Rik’s leadership, AG Plastics grew rapidly. The product spectrum expanded enormously to include not only skylights, but also verandas, roof gutters, PVC roof curbs, barrel vaults, and more. The infrastructure grew steadily, with more and more company buildings and sites. These were first established on Spoorwegstraat, and then on Spinnerijstraat, too, when further capacity was needed.

Constantly improving

The sky was the limit for Rik and his team. They acquired supplier companies and constantly developed new products. After a development process of more than four years, they launched the Skylux Window in 2012 - a PCV frame with super-insulating safety glass. Innovations in barrel vaults and verandas were also developed.

The third generation: Jean carries on the dream

On 6 August 2014, tragedy struck: Rik died in an air crash. Family, friends and employees were shocked and grieved. But nobody doubted the future of AG Plastics, because Rik had built up a solid team. His son Jean, who had been active in the company for 10 years, took over the helm.

With great passion, Jean is carrying on the lifework of his father and giving the company new stimulus, and has the full support of the staff in this. AG Plastics currently has about 280 employees and the company sites now cover 14 hectares.

A new milestone

In 2016, AG Plastics changed its name to Skylux and the company amazed the world with the launch of iDome, iWindow2 and iWindow3 – three innovative skylights with outstanding insulation, light entry, efficiency and appearance. The response has been very enthusiastic.

Jean and his team continually venture into new markets. In 2016 they started building a factory in the Czech Republic. This was not for the sake of cheaper production, but to facilitate quick, efficient deliveries to existing and future customers in Eastern Europe. Additionally, business is also expanding in markets abroad e.g. in Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

More than ever, the mission is to enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of daylight. Hello daylight!