skylux - Lichtstraten

Barrel vaults

Especially in industrial buildings natural daylight enters via our Cintralux barrel vaults. We offer aluminium vaults with plastic sheet glazing or GRP vaults.



Our barrel vaults with multi-walled polycarbonate sheets are easy to install and offer an even light distribution. The integration of a SHE system or ventilation system is always possible


These self-supporting composite barrel vaults can handle spans up to 4 metres. All of our barrel vaults  are protected by UV-resistant film, which ensures good long-term light transmission. Cintralux barrel vaults can be installed quickly and easily using standard components. The very smooth surface remains clean as it doesn’t attract dirt. These barrel vaults are ideal for use in chemically aggressive environments, such as salty sea air.

Smoke and heat extraction

The greatest danger of fire is often not the flames but the extreme heat and toxic gases. We offer a variety of SHE systems which allow smoke and heat to escape through the roof, and enable a safer, faster building evacuation.

Fresh air ventilation

Do you want to provide fresh air in a room or expel warm air? There are various ways to do this.

Tips & tricks