skylux - Gegolfde kunststofplaten

Corrugated plastic sheets

Corrugated polyester

The clearest corrugated polyester sheets available

  • Crystal clear
  • Ultra robust but lightweight
  • Resistant to normal hail
  • Light transmission 99%
  • Glass-fibre reinforcement

Corrugated PVC

Low-cost, translucent roofing

  • Affordable
  • Especially suitable for outdoor use
  • Uv-resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Various corrugation patterns available

Corrugated solid polycarbonate

Translucent corrugated sheet with extremely high impact resistance

  • Ultra robust and impact resistant
  • Uv-resistant
  • For outdoor applications and demanding environments
  • High light transmission
  • Self-extinguishing

Corrugated triple-walled polycarbonate

Impact resistant, super-insulating translucent corrugated sheet

  • Thermally insulating
  • Impact strength 250 times greater than glass
  • High light transmission
  • Uv-resistant
  • Self-extinguishing

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