skylux - Natuurlijke ventilatie

Fresh air ventilation

Cintralux Xpelair GX9 roof fan

A fan with reversible direction

  • Axial fan
  • Direct exhaust to the outside
  • Air intake and extraction in a single unit
  • Maintenance-free motor with thermal protection
  • On/off switch

Cintrair ventilation

The solution for natural ventilation

  • Natural ventilation
  • Protection against sun and rain
  • Visually attractive
  • Maintains light transmission, acoustic insulation and thermal insulation
  • Creates a 500mm opening

Cintramax ventilation

Fresh air ventilation through warm air convection

  • Motor is not lower than a curb of 30 cm
  • Version with thermal break is possible
  • Insulation value up to Ug 0,9 W/m².K
  • Combination with BROOF(t1) possible
  • Version with 1200 joules possible

Monoflap 2x2m

Monoflap 2x2m

  • Applicable for Cintralux 25 mm barrel vault
  • Various operation options: Combi, ventilation only, …
  • Suitable for large spans and snow loads
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy installation because of pre-assembled frames

Tips & tricks