skylux - In pvc

Skylux standard PVC frame

The most popular openable frame

  • Pre-mounted curb, frame and skylight
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Very solid and sealed against wind
  • Condensation free
  • Stainless steel hook hinge

Skylux PVC frame EP

The insulating openable frame

  • Very well insulated
  • Equipped with reinforcements for accessories
  • Can be used with SHE large sizes

Skylux PVC frame EP25

The super-insulating openable frame with 25mm polycarbonate multi-walled sheet

  • Super-insulating PVC frame
  • Ut-value up to 0,58 W/m²K
  • Shock resistant 25mm multi-walled polycarbonate sheet
  • Pre-finished surface
  • Skylight of your choice must be ordered separately

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