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Aluminium profiles for on timber support structures

  • Aluminium veranda profiles
  • Low cost, easy installation
  • Broad range of options
  • Unique clip system
  • Appealing design


Affordable self-supporting aluminium profile system

  • High quality at an affordable price
  • Standard sizes in stock (short delivery time)
  • Tailored sizes also available
  • Maximum depth of about 4m
  • For pergolas, carports or patio roofs


A self supporting aluminium conservatory roof system

  • Many combinations possible
  • With or without thermal barrier
  • For patio roofs, pergolas, conservatories and verandas
  • Available in standard colours and all RAL colours
  • For 16mm/32mm veranda sheets and glass


Protect against wind and rain with the Climaglide rail system

  • Attractive, safe and high quality
  • Sliding components supplied together with roof
  • High-quality materials
  • Available in all RAL colours and textured coatings

Climax Panorama

The patio roof with the largest span between posts



Lighting Profile with LED spotlights

  • Dimmable LED spotlights
  • Elegant look
  • Easy-to-use remote control unit included
  • Quick and easy installation


A simple roof system with many options

  • Durability at an affordable price
  • Simple system with many options
  • Self-supporting aluminium profile system
  • Quick installation
  • For canopies, carports and patio roofs


Crown system for Climalux canopy

  • Aesthetical added value
  • Modular systems over 75mm for each profile
  • Available in the RAL standard colours of our Climalux canopy roof
  • Profiles up to 7 meter

Triangle profiles

Easy finish of triangles

  • Delivered made to measure
  • Available in the RAL standard colours of our Climalux canopy roof
  • Multi-walled veranda sheets can be delivered


ClimaCar protects your car against any weather

  • Resilient and sturdy freestanding carport with a vaulted roof
  • Only 4 posts instead of 6: easier for you to out of your car
  • Height up to 3.25 m
  • Multiple standard sizes
  • Self-supporting aluminium profiles create a stable structure

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