skylux - 55 mm Heatstop

The heat reflective resistant sheet

The 25 mm multi-walled polycarbonate Heatstop sheet is highly impact-resistant thanks to a special cell structure.

The X-structure makes the sheet 250 times stronger than glass of the same thickness. The sheet also offers excellent fire protection qualities through its high temperature resistance and the self-extinguishing properties of the polycarbonate material.  

Thanks to the heat-reflecting coextrusion layer on the outside, the sheet reflects heat from the sun, without any loss of light transmission. Not only do you benefit from insulation during the winter months, but thanks to the heat-resistant properties the average temperature in your veranda remains particularly pleasant during the summer.

  • Weight: 5 kg
  • U-value: 0,8 W/m²K
  • Light transmission opal: 29%
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55 mm Heatstop

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