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Cintramax ventilation

Fresh air ventilation through warm air convection

The Cintramax® CE consists of two galvanised scissor systems, each are mounted on the inside of the curb. The mechanical parts are protected by a galvanised cover. The system provides fresh air ventilation through warm air convection. The Cintramax® also has a parasol system, which protects against sunlight and rain. The system allows for daily ventilation but also shares the barrel vault’s aesthetic value, light transmission properties and sound and heat insulation. It’s also CE certified and conform to the EN 12101-2 norm. The 2-meter-long openable Cintramax® CE can be used in Cintralux® GRP and Cintralux® Alu barrel vaults with a daylight size of 1.5 m to 4 m wide. Opening and closing is done by two 24 V motors with transformer. The system is stepless, so the Cintramax® CE can be opened or closed at any opening angle.

  • Motor is not lower than a curb of 30 cm
  • Version with thermal break is possible
  • Insulation value up to Ug 0,9 W/m².K
  • Combination with BROOF(t1) possible
  • Version with 1200 joules possible
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