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ClimaCar protects your car against any weather

Protecting your car against all weathers, from bright sunlight to heavy hail and snow, can be challenging, particularly with the increase in extreme weather events associated with climate change.
Skylux’s new ClimaCar carport provides a strong defence against anything that the seasons can throw at you.
ClimarCar comes in multiple standard sizes ( 3 x 5 m / 3,5 x 5 m / 3 x 7 m / 3,5 x 7 m), colours and finishes and is easy to install. 
Every ClimaCar carport is finished with durable 16 mm polycarobonate sheets. Available in transparant/opal or heatstop (providing extra UV resistance), these sheets are easy to install and are resilient to the most punishing of weather conditions



  • Resilient and sturdy freestanding carport with a vaulted roof
  • Only 4 posts instead of 6: easier for you to out of your car
  • Height up to 3.25 m
  • Multiple standard sizes
  • Self-supporting aluminium profiles create a stable structure
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