skylux - Monoflap 2x2m

Monoflap 2x2m

Monoflap 2x2m

The Monoflap opening system consists of 2 aluminium frames. The fixed subframe is connected with hinges to the openable top frame that is filled with 25 mm multi-walled polycarbonate sheets, resulting in a low Ug value.
The pre-assembled Monoflap is placed on top of the Cintralux 25 barrel vault in accordence with the mounting instructions.
This version uses the principle of convection of warm air for efficient natural ventilation of the building in case of fire and/or for daily ventilation.

The Monoflap comes in 3 operating types:
-Ventilation: electric motor for daily ventilation
-SHE pneumatic: opens in case of fire
-Combi: Combination of pneumatic SHE (Smoke and Heat Extractor) and electric daily ventilation

Optional with spoiler set: The spoiler set improves the performance of the smoke vent: smoke and heat extraction for each unit is improved (better Cv value). This reduces the number of necessary smoke vents, which lowers project costs. The limited spoiler height of 10 cm ensures an aesthetic and efficient SHE solution.

  • Applicable for Cintralux 25 mm barrel vault
  • Various operation options: Combi, ventilation only, …
  • Suitable for large spans and snow loads
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy installation because of pre-assembled frames
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