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Skylux sunblind

Skylux sunblind

Blinds are essential during the warm summer months. A well-fitted blind protects you from insects, from the heat of the sun and the chill of the wind. Skylux’s new veranda blinds help you to stay cool and they also screen out the glare associated with winter sun. Our premium quality blinds protect your privacy and enable you to stay comfortable, all year round.

- Enjoy flawless fitted blinds with aluminium frames that perfectly match the colour of your roof. Skylux’s blinds are fully compatible with the Climax, Climalux, Climax Panorama and Climacrown veranda systems. The ZIP system ensures excellent fit, providing superior protection against insects and the wind. Blinds can be fitted to the front or sides of the veranda, giving you the coverage options that work best for you.
*Casing 103 mm 90° (straight casing) for screens up to 4.5 m wide
*Casing 131 mm 90° (straight casing) for screens up to 6 m wide

- Skylux blinds are woven with high-quality PVC coated glass fibre.

- By choosing to pair your blind with an adapter profile, you can hide your screen cables and avoid wrinkles in the fabric, achieving a sleek and neat finish.

- Available standard colours for the blind: SC0101 grey - grey / SC0130 grey - charcoal / MSC4949 / MSC6060 / SCM36 white-white-pearl / SC3030 charcoal

- All Skylux blinds are supplied with the latest Somfy io actuators, enabling you to control your blinds by remote control or a wall switch. We also offer automatic motors that respond to solar or wind exposure levels. By choosing the Connexoon Terrace hub, you can even control your blinds via your smartphone or tablet.

  • Made to fit
  • Frames perfectly match the colour of your roof
  • Compatible with Skylux patio roofs
  • Can be fitted to the front or the sides
  • Supplied with the latest Somfy io actuators
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