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Climalux Horizon

Span length up to 5 metres

Climalux Horizon is made to fit and easy to install. The profile system is self-supporting thanks to the integration of the GXLX gutter. Span lengths up to 6 metres are possible, depending on the snow load, depth and glazing.
Example: the span length measures 5 metres for a glass roof of 4 metres deep with a snow load of 850 N/m². The patio roof can be even wider if you choose a smaller depth or plastic sheets.
The roof slope varies between 5° and 10° (8° as standard) and is fitted for single glazing (8 or 10 mm) or 16 mm plastic sheets. Combining the Climalux Horizon with a roof overhang or Climacrown is not possible.

Having no intermediate posts, the budget-friendly Climalux Horizon offers you a great and undisturbed garden view. Additionally, the profile system itself has a sleek and contemporary design (no visible screws or bolts on the outside, modern looking gutter and post, fitted sealing plates, etc.).

  • Sleek and contemporary design
  • A wide view at an affordable price
  • Span length up to 5 metres depending on the snow load, depth and chosen glazing
  • No visible screws and bolts on the outside
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