skylux - Skycom CE slave

Skycom CE Slave

An extension control unit for the electric smoke and heat extraction system

This extension control unit is combined with a Skycom CE Master control unit. Each Skycom CE Slave is equipped with an integrated thermic sensor in case backup is required (NBN S21-208.1/3).

This control unit must be installed as near as possible to the opening system. The number of Skycom CE Slave units is calculated per project.

  • Extension control unit to combine with a Skycom CE Master control unit
  • Maximum exit current 24V/8A
  • Meets the standard EN 12.101.9 and EN 12.101-10
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Skycom CE Slave

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Multiwall super insulated skylights


The Skylux domes are triple walled, four walled or five walled which makes them super insulating.
You can save up to 66% on your energy bill in comparison with a double walled dome.
In that way, you keep daylight and warmth inside and a high energy bill outside. 

Choose the right curb for your dome

In order to choose the right curb, you should start by determining the roof opening (actual hole in your roof) on the one hand, and the insulation value on the other hand. In the Skylux range, there are 2 types of curbs: splayed or straight. 

The advantage of a straight curb is that it can be mounted over an already existing curb in order to increase the insulations value. Therefore, the straight curb is often used for refurbishment projects. 

Besides that, we have the splayed curb, the advantage of which being an equal light distribution because of the splayed angle. The dome to be installed in this splayed curb is smaller hence cheaper. 

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And that's why we find it very important to satisfy your needs and to fulfill your wishes.

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